A Single Woman’s Guide to Meeting Single Men

Guide to Meeting Single Men

If you are a single woman you know how difficult it is to meet someone you’re interested in dating. You probably have a very busy life: friends, family, work, all the day-to-day activities that keep you on the run. 
How can you meet that wonderful new ’someone’ and still cope with your busy schedule? 

Try these five tips:

1) Get Out of the House! 

It doesn’t matter what you do or where you go - you just have to get out of the house. I’ve never heard a story about a woman who met the man of her dreams while sitting in her living room watching Desperate Housewives.

2) Look your best no matter what you’re doing. 

You never know when you’ll meet that great guy. It might be at the grocery store, or while you are walking your dog, or any one of the dozens of places you go every day. Take advantage of every opportunity by looking your best. If Mr. Right comes along you are sure to catch his eye.

3) Give online dating a try. 

Online dating sites provide an opportunity to meet other singles you might not meet any other way. Have someone take a few digital photos of you, create an honest profile about you and what you’re looking for, set your matching preferences and look through the results.

Chances are you’ll find several matches looking for the same things you are. Then send an email to let them know you’re interested in learning more!

4) Get involved in your community. 

Most communities have dozens of opportunities for you to get involved. Find one that suits your interests and volunteer some of your valuable time. Volunteer Match - volunteermatch.org - is an excellent way to find information about organizations looking for volunteers.

5) Get involved in sports. 

If you live near a municipal golf course consider taking group golf lessons. If golf isn’t your thing, check into sports leagues in your city. Most cities have a Department of Parks and Recreation that runs programs for a variety of sports.
Pick one that interests you and get involved.

Whatever you choose to do remember to have fun! That’s the best way to meet fun and interesting people. Good luck and happy dating!

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