Many women don’t wear makeup because they don’t know how to apply makeup. Other women apply makeup in an exaggerated way so that they don’t look natural. Both problems can be corrected with the ideas below.



It is important to chose the right colors for your skin type to make your makeup look natural and to highlight your features better.

Take a look at the inside of your wrist. You will either have a yellowish or pinkish tone to the skin there.
Your makeup will need to have a tone to match this tone. For instance, if you have a yellow tone to your skin you will need to choose makeup that has warmer tones, such as rust, browns, orangey pinks, pumpkins, and yellow-reds. If you have a pink tone to your skin you should choose cooler colors such as rosy pinks, blue-reds, chocolate browns, and blues. Metallics should also be chosen by skin color. Gold and copper looks fabulous on women with yellow tones to their skin, while silver looks fantastic on women with pink tones.

Foundation is made with these two color types in mind, so choose wisely. Try the color on the inside of your wrist. If the color clashes with the tone or is too dark or light then try a different color. The right shade should almost disappear when applying makeup foundation.



Makeup should be applied to highlight your best features. People should say “you look great today,” not “you have on pretty makeup.”

On your eyes you should wear two eye shadow colors. Apply makeup to the eyelid, and then apply a lighter, “highlighter” color to the arch of the brow.
This brightens the eyes instantly.
People with lighter hair colors should use brown mascara to avoid a harsh look. This also goes for eyeliner and shadow colors.

Lips should be outlined and filled with lip liner that matches your lipstick. If you are wearing a bright shade of lipstick then play down your eyes so that you don’t look overdone and vice versa.
If you hate all the prep that needs to be done for lipstick, then try lip gloss. It is an easy to apply makeup, doesn’t bleed, and keeps your lips moist.



To finish your look and to make it last longer, dust your face with a thin coating of colorless powder or a face powder that matches your foundation.
Do not use too much, though. The powder can settle into lines and wrinkles, making them look larger.

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