Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls

Every girl dreams for beautiful & glowing skin, good features, shiny and healthy hair.
Some of these girls are blessed with their natural genetic beauty; they need not invest much money and time on their beauty.

Teenage Girls

But when girl enter their teenage phase, they try really hard to look best every time they go out with their friends.

Many have to face acne problems as they all are going through some hormonal changes. They can reduce the pimples and stay away from acne by simply following some tips and can look gorgeous every day.
They should be calm and composed at that time as acne can be treated.

Here are some beauty tips for teenage girls, which will help them look beautiful.

Acne – 

Majority teenage girls suffer from acne and get scared after knowing the fact that it can leave marks on their skins. But acne and marks can be treated easily either through some helpful home remedies or by visiting her dermatologist.

Skin – 

For glowing and healthy skin, every teenage girl should pay attention to her diet. Along with natural face mask, one should also include healthy food like fruits and cereals in her diet plan. Replace cola with fruit juices and coconut water.

Do not apply Foundation – 

Foundation is for women over 30. Also, if you have acne, foundation will make things much worse. Use concealer to cover up your blemishes. Tinted moisturizer is lighter than foundation.

Hair – 

To nourish your hair, apply oil every week. Also, keep your hairs clean and healthy by washing it twice or thrice every week. 
To make your long and strong, tie your hairs before going to bed. You can go for some high lights, but excessive use of colors or ironing can make permanent damage to your hairs.

Sunscreen – 

Always wear sunscreen during the day time. Also, one should use sunscreen in winters too. Harmful rays on the skin will contribute towards creating wrinkles on your face.

Meditation and exercise – 

Physical activity like gym, jogging or even a dance or aerobics class can make you look prettier. These activity will keep you fit and healthy from inside which will keep you more happy and cheerful.

Do not play up with everything, everyday – 

Teenage girl should understand that, they need not behave like a woman. Do not apply everything all together, like, eye shadow, gloss, eye liner, foundation. This will take the innocent and fresh look from your face. Enhance the best feature of your face, like if you have big eyes, then apply only kohl and eyeliner. If you have beautiful lips then wear some gloss everyday.

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