Breast Augmentation Myths

Nice and healthy breast is a symbol of femininity. It gives self-reliance and very often invites men attention. I think those are the main reasons why women resolve to augment their breast and they try to find the best way how to do it.

Nowadays there are a plenty of breast augmentation methods and each one tries to guarantee the perfect results! Every method tempts with this promise. Let's review some popular breast augmentation ways...


Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. Breast augmentation, technically is known as augmentation mammaplasty, is a surgical procedure to augment the size and shape of a woman's breast for a number of reasons: - to enhance breast of woman, who fells her breast is small; - to correct a contraction in breast volume after pregnancy; - to balance a difference in breast size.

There are several types of breast implant that you can choose depending on you finance. Breast augmentation is believed in immediate and long-lasting results.

But will we expect the same if we choose the alternative method to breast augmentation surgery? Let's discuss...
The most popular alternative method is breast enhancement pills (also known as bust pills).

The phytoestrogens (the material that contains pills) stimulate body to produce new breast tissue growth. It's written that woman will see the results after 6-8 weeks, but they may vary due to person body chemistry.
Also if you want to reach better results you have to follow all recommendations and take additional pills during 90 days after you get the desired size of your breast.

Many internet resources present those pills as reliable method that enhance your breast fast and without any surgical procedure! The question is can I trust it? Who can guarantee that breast will become bigger?! "Scientific Review Finds "Breast Enhancement" Pills Not Effective".

Another brand-new method is BRAVA system. "BRAVA system is like a bra with two plastic domes that are connected to a suction device, that's why most patients quickly get used to sleeping in it - because for women it is natural to wear a bra." You must wear it for 10 hour per a day for 10 weeks. The results will be seen after several months. Telling the true, the perspective of wearing plastic domes for 10 hours per day doesn't attract me...

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