Diffrence Between Black Skin And White Skin

Diffrence Between

The cause and development of acne in Black skin is exactly the same as in White skin.
The pores become occluded at the surface or within the follicular tube by a mixture of dry skin cells and sebum.

The sebaceous glands, attached to the hair follicles near their base, continue to produce sebum. Since it can’t escape the sebum balloons up inside the follicular canal. Eventually, the balloon either pushes out the blockage at the surface and the mess erupts onto the skin, or the balloon ruptures inward and causes a nasty, relatively long lasting acne lesion.

Finally, in trying to fight the infection, the body rushes blood to the area-and the resulting inflammation swells the skin’s surface, thus closing other pores and spreading the disease.

However, while the basic development of the disease is the same in Black skin as in White, there are four important differences in Black skin that tend to make acne problems more severe.
Before we discuss these differences, however, we must issue a caveat.

“Black” is a description that covers all “people of color,” and that color may range from truly dark to barely darker than, say, tanned White skin. Thus, any statements we make about “Black” skin must be hedged to say that they apply in general only and not to the skin of every “Black” person.

Generally, the darker the skin, the more the special characteristics applicable to Black skin is likely to pertain. But there are many exceptions.

As stated, Black skin differs from White skin in two respects:

1. Nearly always there are more sebaceous glands in Black skin, and they tend to be larger and to produce more sebum. Naturally, therefore, the whole process of acne development tends to be more frequent, faster, and more severe.

2. Black skin’s stratum corneum, while generally thinner than that of White skin, is denser. That is to say, it contains more cells in its thickness. That means that there are more dead cells sloughing off and mote opportunity for them to combine with the excess sebum to cause blockages.

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