Makeup Tips for Beginners

We all want to look our best each day, and knowing the proper way to effectively apply cosmetics is a skill that helps us achieve that goal.
Frequently, some complain about the amount of time putting on makeup actually requires, but applying makeup does not need to be a drawn out affair each day.

Tips for Beginners

Learning some easy makeup tips will help you look great and help you go out and face the day with a positive attitude and appearance.

Purchasing the right base or foundation and concealer is the first step toward looking great in makeup. When you choose the wrong color or formula for your complexion or age can leave you with a pasty appearance that can definitely age you.

Select a foundation to match your skin tone and a concealer which is a shade lighter than the foundation you’re using.
Cover any spots or dark circles with the concealer and blend the foundation with an outward motion very well using either your fingertips or with a cosmetic sponge.

Foundation will stay looking fresh longer throughout the day when set with either a loose face powder or a pressed compact powder.

After you have properly applied foundation, the next step in looking great is to apply eye makeup starting with the brows. Many women choose to tidy their brows with an eyebrow pencil, but if that is too severe for you, then use an angled brow brush to apply powdered eye shadow for a nice day time look that’s natural and attractive for work.

Next, choose either a combination of eye shadow colors that go well together, or use just one color to get out of the house quicker. Place the darker color right above the lashes and lighter color toward your eyebrows to help your eyes pop.
Finish your eyes with a liner that’s not too severe for daytime and then mascara on both upper and lower lashes.

Finally, select a quality lip product for your daytime look that will complement your overall appearance and stay put for several hours. Lighter colors are proper for daytime and work. Depending on your age, a lip liner may be applied to define the lips. Keep in mind that lip liners may age a younger woman however.

Following some simple and easy to do makeup tips will help even the beginner get ready and out the door each day while looking their best.

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