5 Key Factors To Bear In Mind When You Are Buying A Pair Of New Shoes

5 Key Factors 

Setting your heart on a beautiful new pair of shoes is all well and good, but just think for a minute about how you would feel if they ended up being so uncomfortable you couldn’t wear them as much as you wanted to?
In a bid to keep up with current fashion, comfort seems to rate much further down the list of priorities than appearance and image does – and this frequently results in pain and discomfort as well as the possibility of more permanent harm to the feet.
So what ought you to take into consideration, apart from just the appearance of course, when deciding on a pair of new shoes?

Here are the top 5 factors to bear in mind if you want to guarantee you will make the right choice:


Point 1: Select the shape of your shoe with care:

It is easy to fall head over heels for the look of your new shoes, but they need to suit the profile of your feet if they are going to end up being comfortable. So try and steer clear of the urge to make your feet fit a brand of shoe that is simply the wrong design in the first place.
Pointed-toe shoes are a great example of how the style can push your toes together and result in rubbing and even more permanent damage. Likewise, higher heels will push your feet forward, resulting in your toes becoming buckled as they are forced against the front of the shoes.
So if higher heels are what you are after, consider a shoe with an open toe instead that will offer your feet some improved flexibility. There is a fantastic choice available, particularly when it comes to selecting the more strappy styles of evening shoes for women for example.

Point 2: Bear in mind the heels:

The scale of the heels are a vital factor when it comes to long term comfort and normally the taller the heel is, the bigger the strain on your calf and back muscles too.
Having said that, the individual position of the heel is also a consideration. The heel of your shoe ought to be immediately below the middle of your own heel in order to maintain the best possible balance and this will become even more noticeable if you intend to wear the shoes for extended periods of time.

Point 3: Opt for a correctly fitting shoe:

Making certain you get the right fit is probably the foremost issue when picking a pair of comfortable shoes. If they end up too big, they will enable your foot to slip around in the shoe, causing blisters and soreness. In a similar way if they are too tight, your foot will end up being forced into an unnatural shape and this will occasionally generate longer term problems and not just shorter term discomfort.
The back part of the shoe in particular needs to hug the heel of the foot closely if you are to avoid the foot riding around inside the shoe when you walk, creating soreness to the back of your heels.

Point 4: Leather or suede is usually best:

Whatever material your shoes are made from will usually play an important role in whether your foot is able to breathe effectively. This will influence whether your feet remain dry or support a retention of moisture, in turn providing a breeding ground for bacteria.
Leather and suede are the most suitable natural materials in this regard for both womens boots and shoes, although more effective brands of man-made fibres often used in athletic shoes can also prove excellent.

Point 5: Take into account the overall shape of your foot:

The feet need support in all the right places and finding a pair that dovetails with the overall shape of your foot is going to give you the most all round comfort.
The arch of your foot is especially important and if you have a high arch, then improved support is likely to be best. Similarly acquiring a good fit is frequently simpler with lace-up shoes than a slip-on design, as you will benefit from the extra adjustment.

It goes without saying that the appearance of the shoes will invariably play a significant part in your eventual decision, but that will very quickly be irrelevant if you discover you can’t wear them! Your final choice may well be a gentle balancing act between comfort and the overall look and remembering these 5 points will make sure you select a beautiful new pair of shoes that will also keep your feet healthy and comfortable as well.

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