Enhancing your beauty by applying makeup correctly can get you prepared and ready for the day ahead. Instead of having that feeling of being thrown together, makeup will make you feel confident because you know you are looking your best. A slight change on your looks can change everything in your life.

Depending on how long you have been applying makeup in your life, you might think that you know all the basics of makeup application.
However, you should know that cosmetics are like fashions that evolves each day and changes over time. This is the reason as to why many women nowadays ignorantly walk with unattractive looks.

When I first learned how to apply makeup correctly, I not only enjoyed the process but also looked and felt much better.

I really liked the way my skin felt after applying the moisturizing foundation and the process of selecting the proper shades, creatively adding an attractive finish to my eyes and lips. This is simply because, applying makeup correctly is a creative step by step process that I found to be fun and relaxing.


Every woman should update herself on the latest colors and techniques of applying makeup and be free to try some new looks.
Every day I encounter very nasty makeup mistakes on the streets and offices, this is why I am here to share with you the secrets behind fast and flawless makeup and together bring an end to applying makeup incorrectly.

It is very crucial to begin with a health and clean skin because great makeup skill begins with flawless canvas.
This is the most common mistake women make while applying makeup in each day. For you to have a healthy and beautiful skin, you need to focus on natural skin care routine and proper nutrition. Proper nutrition acts as a building block of healthy hair and skin, giving you an advantage of looking your best even before starting to apply your make up.

A natural skin care routine improves the quality of your skin texture, tone and the general health of your skin. Moisturizing, sun bathing and cleansing are the basics you need.

Always be cautious and conscious on what you buy and their likely effects on your body and its environment. Look for makeup that is 100% organic so that you can avoid applying toxic chemical into your body.
Carefully select what you will have in your makeup bag and learn to mix natural and organic makeup and skin care oils. Makeup brushes are like tools used by artists. It is easier to learn how you can use them to shadow and shape any face in a very unique way.

All in all, makeup is meant to enhance your natural beauty and should not be over applied. The type or color of makeup you apply does not matter, all that matters is how professional you apply your make up and for what event. Please do proper research on makeup uses before buying and applying them.
This is a short summary on how to apply makeup correctly. I wish you all the best in making yourself beautiful and confident.


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