Everyday Ingredients for Skin Care

There are several natural ingredients that can be used on a daily basis to nourish and pamper the body and the skin. Here are a few ingredients that are highly effective.

Ingredients for Skin Care

Cornmeal is a natural ingredient that can be used to take care of your skin. The cornmeal is nothing but flour made from corn. The corn is dried and then converted into a powder form. This is done by grinding it till it reaches a fine power like consistency.
Cornmeal is used as exfoliators. It is a soft powder and gently exfoliates the skin and helps in getting rid of all the dirt that have entered into the pores and have settled on the skin. The cornmeal has the ability to absorb excess oil secretions and it does this very quickly.

Hence it is used widely by various spas and salons that help customers with oily skin get rid of the greasy appearance.

Cucumber extracts is another in gradient that is used by various skin experts. Cucumber is known to be a natural coolant. Those who apply some cucumber juice to their face and neck will instantaneously feel a relief from the outside heat. But the advantages of the cucumber far exceed its cooling properties. It is rich in vitamin, enzymes and minerals.

These nutrients work together to promote the cell growth and also repairs the damages skin. Cucumber is widely available and hence one does not have to worry about where to source it from.

Emu oil is an extract that is used to treat dry skin. Many people suffer from extremely dry skin and this oil helps in soothing the dry and irritated skin.

Emu Oils is said to have anti-inflammatory properties and can thus treat scars and ease the discomforts cause by insect bites, psoriasis and eczema. It also helps in healing mild burns. Emu oil can be applied to those parts of the body that experiences stiffness. It helps in loosening of the muscles and hence offers pain relief.

Another best natural skin care product is the evening primrose oil that contains GLA version of fatty acids. It helps in nourishing mature skin and also moisturizes the skin and helps in getting rid of the dry and patchy appearance.

Applying this oil will prove to be beneficial in the event your skin burns. It also helps in soothing the scalp and avoiding the formation of dandruff.

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