Healthy Eating Habits for Women

There is little doubt that when a woman eats a healthy diet, she has more energy, is in a better mood, and keeps a healthy weight. And, she looks better, too! Eating well can be really help you to get through challenging times in your life.

Healthy Eating Habits

Foods that are healthy can fight stress, increase fertility, cut down on PMS and make getting through menopause easier.

First of all, good nutrition is based on the essentials. You should get a balanced diet that consists of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, good fats and lean meat and dairy sources of protein. If you eat foods like these, you will have a lot of energy, keep your weight down and will feel great! Follow these tips below:

Try to eat foods that are based upon plants. You should try to fill up at meal times with a lot of fruit and green vegetables, especially leafy ones. You should try to eat a lot of whole grains, legumes and beans so that you get a lot of fiber and bulk to keep you full all day long.

Try to eat as little processed foods as you can. Keep it as natural as you possibly can!
Consume a lot of calcium. Women always have a higher risk of getting osteoporosis than men do. You should be sure that you are eating a lot of foods with calcium. Dairy products do have a lot of calcium, but their fat and protein can actually cause you to lose bone mass. So, you should think about getting calcium from plants when possible. Good sources are broccoli, kale, beans and collard greens.

Do not consume more protein than you need. Protein is important, but eating too much protein from animal sources can actually increase bone loss. This can cause you to lose density in your bones and can lead to osteoporosis.
Eat foods with a lot of iron. A lot of women do not eat enough iron-rich foods. Also, women lose iron during menstruation, so you should try to eat a lot of foods with iron. Go for red meat, spinach, almonds and cereals that have iron.

Reduce consumption of caffeine and alcohol. If you drink more than two alcoholic drinks each day, you have a much higher risk of developing bone loss. Caffeine will interfere with your hormones and also can increase the loss of calcium. In general, try to not drink more than a glass of wine per day and one cup of coffee per day.

Eat your breakfast. You should rev up your metabolism every day by eating a good breakfast. Studies indicate that if you eat breakfast, you tend to have fewer weight problems.
Eat regularly throughout the day.
If you do not eat for many hours, you will get tired and more irritable faster. You should try to eat every four hours or so, at most. You can help to keep your body’s natural energy cycle in tune by eating a good breakfast, a healthy lunch, a snack at 2 pm or so, and a light dinner before 7 pm.

Cut out junk food. One of the major reasons for weight gain is that people simply eat too many snacks with little nutritional value and a lot of calories. You should cut out sugary foods and simple carbs, such as cookies, crackers and pretzels.
These cause your energy levels to spike and plunge. If you cut them out, you will notice that your energy levels will stay level throughout the day.
By following these simple tips on eating, women are sure to stay healthy and lean.

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