How to Apply Eyeliner to Accentuate Your Eyes

Applying eyeliner can be a perfect way to accentuate your eyes. Most women find difficulty on how to put eyeliner on the top, however learning a few basics can help in avoiding the problem. Applying eyeliner can make you move from natural to a sultry and smoky; it shapes and adds depth to the eyes by making them look large and more noticeable.

How to Apply Eyeliner

Eyeliner comes in two forms the liquids and the pencils. Pencils can be used to create and appealing natural looks because they can be smudged and applied lightly to make a softer line. Liquids on the other hand make well-defined lines that are bold and unique.

Whichever choice you make in eyeliner application it is important to learn how to apply makeup correctly .
Select a look that you want to go for
This is the first and most vital step, choosing eyeliner that of a different look will give you a weird look. A pencil line gives a softer look while the liquid one gives a more precise look.
Select your eyeliner

The eyeliner is applied near the eyelashes base; there are many products in the market such as cake, pencil and liquid eyeliner. It is vital to try each until you find one that will accentuate your beauty. A thin line is good for a perfect look, always practice application for different eyeliner in order for you to get the best look. Liquid eyeliners are preferred when it is to be used on top of the eyelashes. Whereas an eye pencil is recommended for the lower eyelash, the liquid eyeliner comes in a bottle with an application brush. Application of liquid eyeliner requires a higher precision and this can be perfected through serial practice. It is always important to let the liquid dry before opening the eyes after an application.

Eyeliner pencil works in a similar principle to colored pencil; it is recommended that the pencil be sharpened to a smooth edge to prevent damage of fragile eye tissues. There are certain colors that look better on the eye than others do, it is vital to choose a color that will work well with the eye shadow color of choice. For people with green eyes you may consider charcoal or brown, while those with brown eyes use plum shades or brown. Before using, the eyeliners remember to prepare them carefully for a perfect look.


Hold the Eyeliner like a Pen

Holding the eyeliner in a similar way one can hold a pen gives you more control over the liner during drawing. It makes the application also easier even for a first timer.


Tilt the Head Back Slightly

Titling the head back slightly gives you a good angle for application while allowing you to see how it looks. Some people can do the application without tilting the head back but it is more difficult for people who are still learning.


Apply on the top eyelid

When learning how to apply eyeliner on top, start with the inside of the eye drawing it from the nose area to the edge of the eye. You can smudge the line with a cotton swab, finger or a thin brush to give it a smooth look. On the other hand when applying liquid eyeliner, apply with one smooth stroke before allowing it to dry.


Application on the Lower Eyelid

For this, you start with outside the eye drawing the liner in close proximity to the lashes and thinning it as you approach the nose. Depending on the look you want to go for, you can stop once two thirds of the eyelid is coated with eyeliner. In conclusion, learning the techniques of how to apply eyeliner on top is important in achieving that elegant look.

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