The 10 Shopping Tricks We Love And Stores Hate

Shopping Tricks We Love

Every time you go out on shopping, stores always have a way to attract customers to them. Letting them give you the idea of sales, bargains and discounts.

They are trying to get you to do what they want you to do, and that is to spend. But what if you refuse? What if you start doing things which will give YOU more benefit and not the store?

Here’s a list of 10 things that you can do to save money while keeping the stores influences at bay.

1. Buying Loss Leaders. What are loss leaders? Where they are products that the store sells below or at a cost to attract more customers.

Why Stores Hate It: well, they don’t really want people going into their stores just for that. They don’t want you to buy all the loss leaders and then just leave without buying anything else, that’s why they just set limits on how much you can buy. If and when you see a limit on an item, then that well be a loss leader, so buy it and leave. Stores want you to linger and look around, they want you to buy more stuff than you actually need. But just get inside the store, buy the item and leave.

2. Turn your back on extended warranty. Stores often promote the idea that electronics are a big investment that’s why they have Extended Warranties. Don’t.

Why Stores Hate It: It’s all a trick. The extended warranty is there so that the companies can pay more for the item than you need to. It’s a good thing for the retailer but not for you, you may have not noticed it but it’s true. If you are worried about not having an extended warranty on your electronics then purchase those items with a credit card that holds an extended warranty protection. Lots of them already have. Doing so, you can pay for the item with your credit card and you could double your warranty. Now that’s good news.

3. Shop in the store, buy online. 

Stores are the perfect place for window shopping, but not really the best when it comes to buying. You can look at all those things that you want and need then list the prices, go online then do comparisons. It’s really comparably cheaper online than on stores.
Why Stores Hate It: Stores have lots of bills. From the electricity, the air-condition, maintenance, water, the staff, etc. They have paid for the rent on the store, that’s why if less people go on shopping in their shops and go online then it’s a big loss.

4. You can buy when it’s “2 for £5″ deals.

Those deals are just basically to lure you in and hypnotize you, taking your money out. You can buy one. Why buy more than what you need when one is just enough, right? That “2 for £5″ scheme basically means, “buy this, get out”. Just pay for the unit price.
Why Stores Hate It: You may find it challenging, difficult but it’s really not. When you buy for just one, that means they failed in clearing their stocks. Maybe next time they’ll just put in up for 1 pence a piece just so people will buy.

5. Buy seasonal items during clearance sales (for the next year) Since seasonal items are a big hit to retailers, but once the holiday is over then they’d want to make some room for new items. 

There comes the “clearance sales”, their haste is waste and your gain. You can buy ahead for the next year. Also, buy candy when the season’s over; they’ll still taste the same but tons cheaper.
Why Stores Hate It: They expect people to buy all their seasonal items at a full price which is sometimes over-priced and ridiculous. You can buy the same items on off-season for a much, much cheaper price.
The next five tips are more of practical ways on how to spend your money in shopping.

6. Buy in bulk then split the price. 

Buying in bulk can save you more and even get the item for less the price if you split it up between co-shoppers or friends who need the same item.

7. Make use of discount coupons. 

From restaurants to food shopping, these coupons can help you get big discounts to freebies. Those coupons aren’t given away if they can’t be used, so grab the opportunity no matter how small the discount it may offer, in the long run you can save thousands with them.

8 Consider one stop shopping. 

Consider a supermarket where you can get all that you need instead of wasting fuel going to another. Also, the prices of groceries at super centers are quite cheaper than the traditional supermarket. But the sales price tend to be bigger in supermarkets, also supermarkets tend to give out more sales and coupons.

9. Stockpile. 

Take advantage of all those sales to buy things, before you run out. Get non-perishables such as cereals, pastas, canned goods while they are on sale.

10. Avoid impulse buying and plan your spending.

 First, you’ll end up with tons of stuff that you don’t need, if you do then don’t throw them just yet. You can swap those items with items you do need, over the internet, with a friend, a neighbor, you get the drift. Sometimes, especially of we carry cash around, it’s quite hard to resist buying load of stuff. So be careful with the discounts, sales and advertisements.

Those are just simple tips for the normal, everyday things that we do and when we shop. Acting on small things can make a big difference on your savings. There’s no harm in trying and saving for your future right?

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