Why You Should Think About Handmade Silver Jewelry Next Time You Go Shopping

Handmade silver jewelry is all the rage these days, with people of all ages. Silver has been loved by designers for years. While gold is connected with ideas of opulence, it is silver that evokes visions of romance.
There are a large number of silversmiths around the world making every design you can think of. The fact that each piece is unique is one of its most favorable features.
Silver jewelry goes with a number of precious and semi precious stones as well as pearls to create a truly timeless look. Silver is very fashionable at the moment and goes with the new summer collections coming out this year

Handmade Silver Jewelry

Silver, like all jewelry needs to be taken care of. Jewelry represents your personality and it shows who you are. Don’t put cleaning chemicals or things with alcohol in them directly onto your silver as it can be damaging.

Petroleum jelly and other products can be used to protect your silver jewelry. Silver jewelry takes a little effort to keep it shiny. Silver does oxidize with time which dulls its shine but it is not overly difficult to clean off.
Storing your handmade silver jewelry in airtight plastic bags will greatly reduce the speed with which it tarnishes.

Get all cleaning done by an expert if it does ozidize.
Since silver oxidizes easily and some people may feel lazy thinking of all the cleaning involved, oxidized silver is becoming more and more popular these days! Yes, you can actually buy pre-oxidized silver and it looks wonderfully ethnic! And the best part is no cleaning required.
If quality is your concern, opt for and ask for hallmarked sterling silver. Another option is silver dipped in gold.

You can go online to buy your silver jewelry but make sure you look for the authenticity seal. Ask online forums and blogs for recommendations to find some of the lesser known jewelry websites with exciting designs.
For a fraction of the price of platinum, silver offers a timeless look due to the expert designs available from skilled artisans.

There are so many styles to pick from that one would be spoilt for choice! But just as the right partner, you will know it when you see it!

Jewelry has been worn by mankind for thousands of years. Yes, we are talking almost 75,000 years! Silver has its appeal with both sexes as men also sport jewelry made with this metal. Jewelry changed as civilizations rose and fell, but it was always there.

Now, we seem to be back to the basics. Everything does go full circle eventually!
A lot more people are choosing silver over gold or platinum these days due to the increasing costs of precious metals. Silver also goes with all skin tones which gold does not always do.
Show someone how special they are with a piece of jewelry that is unique. You can find it online, or at your local jeweler’s if you are lucky.

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