Women’s Footwear for Autumn

Women’s Footwear

When the temperature begins to cool, and autumn is on its way, footwear styles begin to change. Along with footwear, clothing styles shift as well. Pants replace shorts, and sweaters take the place of t-shirts. Jeans are worn in favor of capris and corduroys once again make an appearance. For a great fall look, footwear has to complement autumn attire.
Ladies shoes change from flip-flops to boots when the seasons change. Boots are a favorite type of shoe because of their versatility. They can be paired with skirts, jeans or a dress for a great look. Boots can range in style from dressy, to complement a skirt, to wellies that make a fun statement with any outfit. Cowboy boots also look great paired with a dress or jeans. Boots are a must-have item to complete a ladies fall attire.

Wellies are a great addition to any wardrobe. They are practical as well because they keep the feet warm and dry on a rainy fall day.
They are desirable because they come in a variety of patterns and vibrant colors that allows women to have some fun with their look. Because wellies are practical and attractive, they make a great addition to a fall wardrobe.

Sandals disappear from wardrobes when the season changes. While sandals and dressy slip-on shoes are often worn during the summer, once the temperature cools dressy shoes change. Velvet, corduroy or leather is used to create dressy shoes that cover the feet more thoroughly. These heavier materials make autumn dress shoes more comfortable to wear in the cool fall temperatures.

Sometimes these shoes are loafer type shoes, while others are more of a traditional heeled shoe. They can be paired with skirts or pants, or even combined with jeans, for a slightly more casual look. They can be worn to the office, church or while out on the town.
Another possible fall look is dress pants paired with a dressy shirt worn with leather heels..
Women’s footwear changes when autumn arrives. Gone are the barely there shoes of the summer as they are replaced with the more substantial shoes of the fall. Boots, heels or loafers are all made to keep the feet comfortable and look great with fall and winter attire.

Football, hay-rides, pumpkin-picking and fall festivals are all part of autumn. Having the right shoes to go along with the proper attire are essential for a great fall wardrobe.

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